Artistic Ceramics

My clay works are connected with the interest I feel for handling this material, because with such a humble material I can accomplish elaborate and sometimes precious works. They are also connected with the suggestions coming from some things related with my world of affections, such as, for example, the preparation of pasta made by my mother when I was a child.

It is charming for me to see how many different ways there are to transform the materials, and moreover to live the emotion connected with the desire to go on finding out what will happen with them and which aims you can reach as regards the acquisition of abilities and personal experience.

Ceramiche artistiche Omaggio alla Sardegna

My creative act is not entrusted to the image, but to transforming and finding out the plastic potentialities of the material, exploiting the natural colours of clays, connecting it both to memories and impressions coming to me from the sardinian production of ceramics and to the suggestiveness of the artistic works of Central and South America, being conscious of the fact that I am creating an intimate code becoming more and more elaborate and personal.