My Creative boxes

Scatole Creative pannello dorato dettaglio

It was a chance that offered me the opportunity to experiment a new creative way. When I saw on sale a certain kind of timbering-boxes for children, I suddenly had the intuition that something intriguing could come out of it.

I understood that, by working with painting on every wood component of every single box, I could create a multiplicity of combinations simply displacing the components, obtaining in that way a great number of new images.

The timbering-boxes I have painted until today are more than a hundred and the possibilities to obtain new combinations, displacing the components inside one box or from a box to another, are innumerable, and they offer me constant creative incitements by reason of the new images that every time I can arrange. Moreover, every painted component, thought apart, needed a work of search to obtain the best solution for the whole composition, giving origin to a “temporary” order constituting a balance between chromatic “weights” and graphic symbols.