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Set your creativity free.

Among the works, YOU choose one or more creative boxes, an artistic ceramic or a detail you wish to enlarge.
create your reproduction printed on canvas in your desired size.
creating a triptych or a panel and furnish your house or office in a unique and special way.
in the Photo Gallery which creative box or artistic ceramic you like most.

Steps to follow
1) Write the name of one or more works that should form the composition you desire.
2) Choose the size of your composition.
3) Specify if you want it WITH or WITHOUT a frame.

We want to assure you the best image quality.

ONE creative box:
15×15, 20×20, 30×30.

COMPOSITION of several creative boxes (SELECTED by YOURSELF or on the artist’s advice):
30×60, 60X60, 60×90, 60×120.

Every reproduction will be delivered with a guarantee certificate to attest the uniqueness of your copy and will be personally signed by the artist.

Contact us for any specific requests. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Buy a reproduction