Logo Afé


Unique furniture made in a limited number of copies.
Upon request they can also be provided as a single exemplar


Afé was born with the aim of creating a direct exchange between the artist's creativity and your own.
We like to think of our customer as the coauthor of a joint project in which his creativity makes contact with the artist's in order to merge colours and harmonies into a composition.
By choosing the objects that surround us, the style and colours that resonate best with the deepest needs of our personality, we can create the surroundings that make us feel well.
Afé wants to give you the possibility to create the personalised space you desire.
We’d like you to try creating and composing images and environments that reflect your preferences and personality.
For many years, studies in the field of Environmental Psychology explain how colours, images and feelings are closely related. Everyone of us has the possibility to create surroundings that relax us, get us going or give us a sense of order and elegance.